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Customer Service

At ICE, you can always speak directly with a knowledgable sales associate. We understand that for first time buyers this can be important. ICE offers and extensive assortment with various options for purchases. Our associates can help you through a first time purchase as well as answer questions on an ongoing basis.

Value-Added Services

Prisms and jewelry can be purchased, unassembled or assembled.

Following is the schedule for Assembly Charges:

Affixing prism to ball/triangle only $0.10 (includes price of ball/triangle)
stringing monofilament only$0.20
Affixing prism to triangle  stringing with monofilament
(making prism ready to sell)
$0.25 (includes cost of triangle)
Pendant/neck chain assembly$0.20

Minimum order: $100. Please add $10.00 for orders under $100.

Payment: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx.

Shipping: Orders are sent via FedEx unless specified otherwise. Shipments made via United States Postal Service can also be made and can at times be the preferred method.

Shipping Charges = FedEx charge plus $1.50. (Many companies take a large mark-up on shipping, ICE DOES NOT!)

International Crystal Exchange
13325 Prospect Road,
Strongsville, OH. 44149

Phone: 1-800-443-8223
Fax: 440-238-3553           
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