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2019 Catalog

In ICE’s 72/7300 Series you’ll find many styles in the Huge 76-125mm sizes at prices that you will not believe!

Not only great selling but it’s also at a price that allows for mega markups.


Made by Famous Maker Asfour. A leading manufacturer of crystal products for over 50 years

  • New Machines = Near Flawless Optical Purity of product

  • xciting designs that make stunning rainbows

  • Asfour’s Prices & Quality = Excellent Crystal Value

  • Very High Brilliance

  • Each piece marked with Asfour Logo


Preciosa Offers 7 Unique Colors & Effects

  • Flawless Optical Purity

  • Highest Brilliance 30% Pbo

  • Innovative Coloring Effects

  • Very High Brilliance

  • Great Looking as Pendant


A Famous Maker of Crystal…SWAROVSKI® 8000 Series Chandelier Prisms

  • Very High Name Recognition

  • Perfect Quality onVirtually Every Piece

  • *Some Very Popular Piecesin this Line

  • ICE has Uber-Competitive Prices


Lead Free “SPECTRA”

  • Swarovski Superior Quality

  • Optically Pure

  • Lead Free

  • No Swarovski Logo


Simply Beautiful at a Spectacular Price!!

  • Made with Brilliant 7200 series Octagons. Clustered tightly, they become Uber-Brilliant !!

  • Enchanting & Mesmerizing

  • Looks great as is or easily add a featured bigger crystal on the bottom as a value added purchase

  • Ask ICE for crystal mobile design ideas like Celestial, Nautical & Outdoor themes


Simply Beautiful at a Spectacular Price!!

  • Same Styles up to 70% less than Famous Maker

  • These are good quality & have nice sparkle

  • Prisms make beautiful rainbows

  • Wide assortment of Effect, Colors, Colors/AB !!


Traditional Hanging Pewter Styles


Tumbled Gloss Hanging Pewter

Caution !! Sticker shock on the LOW Side!!

Lead Free Designs

Introduced in 2012, these were immediately good selling designs. Why? Just take a look at the designs then look at the prices. Question asked and answered.


SWAROVSKI 6000 Series Crystal Pendants

This is a true beauty & you will never, ever be able to purchase this elsewhere for ICE’s price! Should sell for twice the price !


Gazing Balls

Gazing Balls are also great for home decor.

  • 11 Colors to Choose!

  • Best assortment in sizes…30mm to HUGE 200mm.

  • No one Beats ICE’s Prices in Smooth Gazing Balls.


Crystal Diamonds

We got ‘em all…from very large to very small. The larger sizes are big, bold and quite exquisite.


Fixtures and Boxes




Fun Fashion

  • Made with German & Czech Crystal
  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • Trend Setting

Earring & Necklace Sets


Swarovski Stud Earrings

  • Ready to Sell
  • Attractive Earring Card
Prices Start as Low as 99 cents for even some of the most popular styles!


Customer Service

At ICE, you can always speak directly with a knowledgable sales associate. We understand that for first time buyers this can be important. ICE offers and extensive assortment with various options for purchases. Our associates can help you through a first time purchase as well as answer questions on an ongoing basis.

Value-Added Services

Prisms and jewelry can be purchased, unassembled or assembled.

Following is the schedule for Assembly Charges:
Affixing prism to ball/triangle only: $0.10 (includes price of ball/triangle)
stringing monofilament only: $0.20
Affixing prism to triangle stringing with monofilament (making prism ready to sell): $0.25
Pendant/neck chain assembly: $0.20

Ordering Information

Minimum order: $100. Please add $10.00 for orders under $100.

Payment: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx.

Shipping: Orders are sent via FedEx unless specified otherwise. Shipments made via United States Postal Service can also be made and can at times be the preferred method.

Shipping Charges = FedEx charge plus $1.50.

(Many companies take a large mark-up on shipping, ICE DOES NOT!)