2022 Catalog

7200tab | International Crystal Exchange

In ICE’s 72/7300 Series you’ll find many styles in the Huge 76-125mm sizes at prices that you will not believe!

Not only great selling but it’s also at a price that allows for mega markups.

asfour | International Crystal Exchange

Made by Famous Maker Asfour. A leading manufacturer of crystal products for over 50 years

  • New Machines = Near Flawless Optical Purity of product

  • xciting designs that make stunning rainbows

  • Asfour’s Prices & Quality = Excellent Crystal Value

  • Very High Brilliance

  • Each piece marked with Asfour Logo

precious | International Crystal Exchange

Preciosa Offers 7 Unique Colors & Effects

  • Flawless Optical Purity

  • Highest Brilliance 30% Pbo

  • Innovative Coloring Effects

  • Very High Brilliance

  • Great Looking as Pendant

chandelier pink1 e1500655551736 | International Crystal Exchange

A Famous Maker of Crystal…SWAROVSKI® 8000 Series Chandelier Prisms

  • Very High Name Recognition

  • Perfect Quality onVirtually Every Piece

  • *Some Very Popular Piecesin this Line

  • ICE has Uber-Competitive Prices

chandelier pink1 e1500655551736 | International Crystal Exchange

Lead Free “SPECTRA”

  • Swarovski Superior Quality

  • Optically Pure

  • Lead Free

  • No Swarovski Logo

7900 tabimage | International Crystal Exchange

Simply Beautiful at a Spectacular Price!!

  • Made with Brilliant 7200 series Octagons. Clustered tightly, they become Uber-Brilliant !!

  • Enchanting & Mesmerizing

  • Looks great as is or easily add a featured bigger crystal on the bottom as a value added purchase

  • Ask ICE for crystal mobile design ideas like Celestial, Nautical & Outdoor themes

7600 tab | International Crystal Exchange

Simply Beautiful at a Spectacular Price!!

  • Same Styles up to 70% less than Famous Maker

  • These are good quality & have nice sparkle

  • Prisms make beautiful rainbows

  • Wide assortment of Effect, Colors, Colors/AB !!

Sun Tab | International Crystal Exchange

Traditional Hanging Pewter Styles

placeholder | International Crystal Exchange

Tumbled Gloss Hanging Pewter

Caution !! Sticker shock on the LOW Side!!

Lead Free Designs

Introduced in 2012, these were immediately good selling designs. Why? Just take a look at the designs then look at the prices. Question asked and answered.

6000 tabimage | International Crystal Exchange

SWAROVSKI 6000 Series Crystal Pendants

This is a true beauty & you will never, ever be able to purchase this elsewhere for ICE’s price! Should sell for twice the price !

Gazing Ball Tab | International Crystal Exchange

Gazing Balls

Gazing Balls are also great for home decor.

  • 11 Colors to Choose!

  • Best assortment in sizes…30mm to HUGE 200mm.

  • No one Beats ICE’s Prices in Smooth Gazing Balls.

diamond tab | International Crystal Exchange

Crystal Diamonds

We got ‘em all…from very large to very small. The larger sizes are big, bold and quite exquisite.

placeholder | International Crystal Exchange

Fixtures and Boxes

7520 tab | International Crystal Exchange


placeholder | International Crystal Exchange

Fun Fashion

  • Made with German & Czech Crystal
  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • Trend Setting
1 from constant contact ad lighter | International Crystal Exchange

Earring & Necklace Sets

1 | International Crystal Exchange

Swarovski Stud Earrings

  • Ready to Sell
  • Attractive Earring Card
Prices Start as Low as 99 cents for even some of the most popular styles!


Customer Service

At ICE, you can always speak directly with a knowledgable sales associate. We understand that for first time buyers this can be important. ICE offers and extensive assortment with various options for purchases. Our associates can help you through a first time purchase as well as answer questions on an ongoing basis.

Value-Added Services

Prisms and jewelry can be purchased, unassembled or assembled.

Following is the schedule for Assembly Charges:
Affixing prism to ball/triangle only: $0.10 (includes price of ball/triangle)
stringing monofilament only: $0.20
Affixing prism to triangle stringing with monofilament (making prism ready to sell): $0.25
Pendant/neck chain assembly: $0.20

Ordering Information

Minimum order: $100. Please add $10.00 for orders under $100.

Payment: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx.

Shipping: Orders are sent via FedEx unless specified otherwise. Shipments made via United States Postal Service can also be made and can at times be the preferred method.

Shipping Charges = FedEx charge plus $1.50.

(Many companies take a large mark-up on shipping, ICE DOES NOT!)