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Transactional FAQ

Items may be returned within 15 days of receipt of goods by emailing info@ice4crystalcom or calling 800-443-8223. You willbe issued a Return Authorization Number (RA) at that time. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges unless an erroroccured by ICE. Since these are crystal products, items must be carefully packed to insure no breakage occurs in the shippingprocess

As a merchant, you most likely have a tax exempt or merchant number issued by your state. By providing this number, we will
not charge sales tax.

No, we do not have a credit card fee.

Yes. We do not store any credit card information. We can only see the last 4 digits of your card number through our processor

In general, we ship next business day (sometimes even same day) once an order is received. However, many of our customersrequest that we “string and triangle” the hanging crystal prisms. Depending on the size of the order, this can add 1-3 days to theshipping time. An invoice and tracking # will be emailed on the day your order ships.

Only if requested by the customer:
String & triangle prisms: $0.40/prism
String Prisms Only: $0.25/prism
Triangle Prisms Only: $0.25/prism (includes cost of triangle)
Necklace/Pendant Assembly: $1.50 (includes, fancy neckchain, bail)

Product FAQ

Both US Customs and the Commerce Dept have defined leaded crystal as having 24% or more lead oxide (PbO) in the chemiclcomposition of glass. Lead Oxide is a gas that makes leaded crystal extra brilliant with more crisp facets resulting in the beautyof leaed ed crystal. This gas allows for more crisp facets than other glass because it makes it softer andeasier to cut crisply.
Swarovski removed lead oxide from the formula and replaced it with other chemicals that make it almost as brilliant. The otherwell know brands Preciosa and Asfour have not removed lead oxide from their formula.

Once glass has less than 24% PbO it can no longer legally be called leaded crystal. One can just simply refer to it as crystal.
There is no legal definition for non-leaded crystal but generally speaking, if a glass object like a figurine, window prism or pieceof jewelry has no detectable blurs, streaks or bubbles in it and has a nice sparkling appearance then one can in good consceincerefer to it as a crystal prism, figure or jewelry

Product FAQ-con’t

So long as a peice of glass has a facet (an angle where the glass bends) then when light enters a crystal, it is refracted and
dispersed into its component colors, creating a beautiful rainbow effect. The size of the rainbow is determined by the size of thecrystal, the size of the facets and the distance of the wall from the crystal. The rainbow becomes brighter the closer you movethe crystal prism to the wall. As you get further away, the rainbow will become less bright but bigger. In other words, it starts tofade. The more facets a crystal has the more rainbows will appear. You do need very bright light to make rainbows. Natural
sunlight is the very best way but very intense man made lighting can also work but nothing beats the rainbow making ability of
crystal than a sunny window shining on crystal.

Raionbows will be made so long as light can pass through the crystal. This means the darker the color the less brilliant the
rainbow will be. Also, the rainbows will tend to be tinted differently than clear crystal.

AB (standing for Aurora Borealis) is a special coating developed by Swarovski giving the color a shimmering golden glow. Thiscoaing consists of chemicals heated in a vacuum at very high temperatures. Light does pass through this transparent coating butis reduced by about 20% so the rainbows made will be slightly less brilliant. Additionally, the rainbows that are made will have aslight pale green aura in addtion to the 3 primary colors of the rainbow. The AB coating can be applied heavier or lighter
depending on the type of crystal. AB on window prisms tend to be lighter but sometimes a heavier application looks best on acertain piece. Jewelry definitel looks best with a a heavier coaing as the shimmering effect is stunning and since rainbow makingis not a factor you don’t have to be concerned about less light getting through

Yes, quite many, in fact. The most popular are Vitrail Light (VL), Vitrail Medium (VM), Bermuda Blue (BB) and Heliotrope(HE). These effects are used primarily for jewelry and table crystal as the coaing is much heavier so very little if any, light
paases through so rainbows cannot be made. However, these effects are stunningly beautify

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