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Beautiful Hexagon Crystal Prism

Brand new! This is a very beautiful prism. Best crystal prices. Excellent quality. 50mm.



Mystic Disk

Brand new prism and boy can you get lost in the mesmerizing facet. Best crystal prices. Excellent quality. 45mm.



Illusional Dimples

This brand new prism has it all…dimples, illusions and a truly fun design. Swarovski does not make this design. 50 & 89mm. #7343



Dimples Deluxe Prism

Take Matrix facets and then put little melon scoops on the facets…very interesting. Swarovski does not make this design. 50, 76 & 89mm.



Pokeman Prism

There are a lot of crystal prisms out there where it looks like you can put your finger through it. This one you actually can! 50, 76 & 89mm.



FLeur De Lis, Sil Vous Plait

This crystal beauty is new and already a very top seller. Whisper French in my ear and I’ll give you a great price! 76 & 100mm.

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