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    6723-28mm shell is made by Swarovski.  Very popular.  Ladies, sell this one at the beach and you can actually say “She sells sea shells by the sea shore”.

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    7901-50mm is a “Puff Heart” and is exceptionally popular because well, just look at the facets!  Great brilliance as well. FYI, ICE has a lot of different hearts and they all sell well.  This one sells really well.

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    3310 Crystal Lotus. Very beautiful decorative piece accents any kind of home.  Very reasonably priced.

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    Beautiful Emerald Green 4 Leaf Clover makes an excellent pendant. Luck of the Irish be with you especially on St Patrick’s Day when we’re all Irish.”

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    It’s like a 3-D chess board fascinating.

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    7201-40mm facetted disk has been a top 5 seller for over 20 years.  It has what seems like an infinite number of facets and it seems to have a hole in the middle but it doesn’t.  A beauty by itself or incorporate it into your own design.

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    7100-40mm.  Made by Asfour.  Interesting facets, high brilliance, excellent quality and a high utility factor makes it popular for many reasons.

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    7122-50mm is made by Asfour and has an interesting “swinger” design. Great quality and a very low price = great sales.

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    7252-28 Butterfly is another charming design. Besides clear and AB, we also have it in Light purple and medium blue.  Has lots of facets for making rainbows.

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    7310-68mm AB Wild Heart was new in 2022 and OMG did it sell well. An impressive 68mm (2.75”)

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    7348-43 Dolphin.  Who doesn’t love dolphins?  Apparently very few as this faceted dolphin sells really well.

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    7656 Star comes in many sizes with 30mm being the most popular.  From our 7600 series of “value” prisms, it’s priced right!

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